User Experience Lead

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Madrid (España)


Our mission is…

  • To bring fair pricing to automotive insurance through a better understanding of the real risk of every driver
  • To drastically reduce the amount of accidents in our roads by providing feedback on driving ability, hints on how to improve, and incentives to motivate our users

Existing Assets

Our tools to achieve that mission include…

  • An application that measures how you drive (already in market)
  • The ability to measure a particular individual’s risk
  • A multidisciplinary team (15) with a very diverse set of competencies that works well together
  • A lean approach to innovation that requires fast iterations and continuous contact with users

What we are we looking for in a candidate

We are looking for an experienced Service Designer with deep research knowledge that…

  • Is a team player and likes to have fun at work
  • Is motivated by our mission and has a strong moral compass
  • Is highly creative and able to “think out of the box”

If you are that person, come join us and enjoy the thrill of working in a great team while taking our customers to the next level. If you exist to innovate and are ready to make your mark in the digital world, apply now.

What the role is about

High level objectives

The UX lead is responsible of designing an experience that:

  • Sustains user engagement
  • Communicates to the individual the behaviors causing that risk in a way that is easy to understand
  • Influences the individual to change the behaviors that are putting him at risk


The responsibilities of the job include…

  • Lead the UX team at Insurance Telematics Area (user researcher & visual designer)
  • Set scope for research activities, connect with users for generating customer insights and testing concepts, value propositions and solutions; also motivate user researcher to go beyond research reporting but to actively take part in coming up with solutions
  • Art direct visual designer
  • Set scope for visual production
  • Create service and interaction design deliverables (conceptual frameworks, customer journey, interaction flows and wireframes) so that it meets user needs, marketing requirements, and business objectives
  • Plan design activities ahead and match with project and development scopes
  • Communicate, document, and represent service concepts, user scenarios and designs to team members, senior management and key stakeholders

We are all about fit with the team and our mission so these requirements are not set in stone and if you truly believe in what we do you should apply even if you don´t meet these requirements.

Still the ideal candidate would:

  • Have a high level of English and Spanish (verbal and written) to be able to facilitate sessions in both languages
  • Have first-hand experience creating services using design tools
  • Have a strong visual design sense along with prototyping skills on interactive visualization technologies
  • Have 4+ years as designer, working in interdisciplinary environment and on a wide range of products and interfaces
  • Have experience working in a rapid application development environment using appropriate tools and techniques. Experience with agile development
  • Have experience supporting product development teams with customer engagement through product or service launch
  • Have a proven record for creating valuable customer insights that have led to valuable and innovative product ideas and concept

A design Masters is not a requirement but will be valued.

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