Senior Design Researcher

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Madrid (España)
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The job consists in finding and collecting strategic needs in order to put into practice social investigation methods. The results of these investigations must be analyzed and focused on to help find solutions oriented towards the client / user, and in this manner improve the experiences in the digital banking process.

You will be working closely with engineering, product, and business in a cohesive unit where you will be expected to design market-leading products and contribute ideas to help shape the business.

Will be in charge of:

  • Understanding the needs of the strategic departments.
  • Knowing how to understand these needs and able to create an applied social investigation methodological frame.
  • Planning and preparing all materials, stimuli and guides in order to create the investigation field.
  • Carrying out the investigation as well as all the dynamics.
  • Analyzing the results during the field work.
  • Translating the content in such a way that it can be framed as an Infographic.
  • Creating results oriented towards strategic decision-making and UX design.
  • Knowing how to communicate the results to the interested parties.

Professional experience:

  • Degree in Sociology, Psichology or Communications (or similar).
  • At least five years experience in investigation related to digital products and services.
  • Deep knowledge of investigation methods such as: Ethnographic investigation, Focus groups, Triads / Triangulation (social science), Semi-structured interview, Structured interview, Usability testing, Shadowings, Cocreating, Workshops, Cardsorting, Cultural Probes, Participant observation…
  • We will value your experience in the Agency sector or departments directly related to “Design Research”.
  • We will value your experience in the banking or financial sectors.
  • Knowledge in Spanish social customs.
  • We need the following skills: Team work, Capacity for analysis, Sensitivity to the design and user experience processes, Fluid investigative dynamics management skills, Able to rigorously create methodological frames adapted to the different investigation projects, Discourse analysis, Expert in content and data analysis, Able to admit mistakes and rethink your position in ambiguous situations, Showing empathy and focus when presenting solutions and ideas, Communication skills and experience presenting results, Able to define, implement and follow investigation strategies, Able to create tables, graphs and infographics.


  • Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, ideally in both Spanish and English. Exceptional negotiation and influencing skills.
  • Collaboration: Ability to build on the ideas of others and facilitate ideation, rather than enforcing own opinions. Works cooperatively as part of a team. Works alongside, as opposed to working separately or competitively. Builds and maintains effective working relationships with a wide range of people.
  • Strategic & Analytical thinking: Ability to see the bigger picture, spotting patterns and facilitating cohesion across products and services. Ability to consider the bigger picture - including business and technical considerations - when reaching a decision. Demonstrates clear rationale for decisions. Ability to rationally critique or analyze ideas/products/prototypes.
  • Drive: Committed to achieving goals. Takes the initiative to go the extra mile. Motivated and driven to succeed and to develop own knowledge/skills. Does not require direct day-to-day oversight in order to achieve goals.
  • Flexibility: Ability to adapt and respond positively to change. Uses feedback to develop abilities and is open to trying a different approach.
  • Trend Awareness: Awareness of cultural, technology, and design trends that influence customer mindset and taste. You are a taste-maker and one that others look to for style guidance.
  • Travel: This position will require international travel to stay in communication with our teams and customers in other geographies.

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