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Barcelona (España)
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Who are we:

Shedd is a fashion marketplace which allows people to sell their fashion items – be that an unused pair of shoes that just didn’t fit, or a new caftan from an up-and-coming designer.

We’re a young and hungry company with a global footprint, backed by dubizzle and OLX. We’re still nimble enough to test and iterate design systems with pace (as a start-up would), but benefit from the backing and experience of a global powerhouse, to scale quickly.

Who we’re looking for (you):

The ideal candidate will be somewhere between a traditional UX and PO role. So something like an experienced UX practitioner but with a desire to think a little more long-term/strategically than a traditional UX role. We want to be lead with qual & quant customer insight and then validated with data. Shifting KPIs not for vanity's sake but because we know how our collective KPIs help us measure the success of our mission.

The problem we’re trying to solve:

We launched an MVP, got relatively popular (we have half a million people on our app across 3 continents) but perhaps (definitely) didn’t spend as much time focusing on our user experience as we should’ve done. That’s where you come in! We’re gonna be building a company of user-centric problem solvers and as a result, we’re looking for people with UX experience and a great Product Owner mentality. Someone who know’s how to solve business problems by putting users at the heart of the solutions. And knows how to test them with a Lean mindset.

We’d LOVE it if you had some of the following:

  • Ability to reason by first principles
  • A very strong penchant for hypothesis validation
  • Experience balancing the wants of users and the business
  • Experience working in a Lean environment with rapid prototyping and iterative development
  • A love of fashion
  • Experience in user research, system design, service design, information architecture & interaction design
  • High level of creativity and problem solving skills
  • An understanding of appropriate research methodologies with appropriate statistical significance
  • A level of expertise that excites and scares us together with the desire to share your expertise
  • Authenticity. We want you to be you, not the “work version” of you
  • Excellent writing skills
  • The confidence to influence, share and collaborate early on in the design process
  • An analytical mind that uses empirical data as well as opinions to back up your arguments and fight your cause
  • The ability to do more with less. The desire to look for simpler but better solutions
  • A brobdingnagian passion & belief in your own ideas but the humility to recognise when you’re wrong
  • In short, we want the moon on a stick
  • Look, we know you won’t have all of the above so don’t stress if you think you’re lacking a few of these. If we had to sum it up in two words, they’d be we want people who are Smart & Creative.

What you’ll be asked to do:

  • Obsess over data, to educate design decisions that really matter
  • Design experiences from the problem out
  • Ideate, sketch, wireframe, prototype, design and sometimes build your solutions
  • Encourage user centric philosophies across the tomem/company
  • Contribute and build towards the overall happiness of the team
  • Significantly contribute towards the culture of the team by deeply displaying our cultural principles in your daily activities
  • Design journeys, services and experiences; not just pages, screens and components
  • Extol the virtues of Lean UX throughout the entire business
  • Make stuff that looks sweet, wow’s, and makes your mom/mum proud
  • How will you be measured?

Ultimately, it comes down to 2 things:

Your impact on KPIs
- - Your contribution to the culture of the company

A final note:

We care much more about your experience and digital savviness than just your education.

We love to see candidates that have contributed to the Design/UX/Engineering/Startup community.

We adore people who can scare us with their practitioner expertise but we get just as excited with people who are an amazing cultural fit


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